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Why The Circle Is Such An Important Part of Our Study

The circle is the purest, and yet profound. It is the most common symbol in all existence. The infinite billions and billions of stars, planets, moons and galaxies; cosmic productions are filled with circles. In our physical universe and solar system the circle is well symbolized in the physical universe in the form of endless spheres. A circle, has no beginning or end, it is representative of infinity, eternity, wholeness and femininity. There are many significant but very important symbols and objects, which are circular: Stonehenge, Ouroboros, it is stated as the Wheel of Life, then there is a halo around the head of a saint. In all honesty it has been proclaimed that circles do exert powerful energic purpose and law over the Earth.

Everthing began with a circle the pin dot of light, aka the Soul of the Pure Divine White Light manifestation. That which on the microcosmic level resides in every human heart.

Hence the Circle Exercise and Meditation.

"The Sun is the core of your being, your will and individuality - the basic inner force that
motivates everything that you do, in other words your uniqueness." -Albert Einstein,


The Amazing 54 Point Merkaba! What does it do?
How do I use it. Come to class and find out!

Answers to many such Spiritual questions.
Painting of the amazing Count St. Germain

Presenting! The Amazing Violet Ray Crystal on June 14, 2013.

Found high in the Himalayas in a huge cave size geode, this precious Violet Ray Crystal of the Seventh Ray has been referred to by those who found it as pink Himalayan Quartz. However it is much more then this. It aligns everyone who is able to access its energies to the Violet Ray levels of Divine Wisdom within the Divine White Light of the Divine Absolute. It has been sent out into the world by the Master Comete St Germain and other Great Teachers of the Great Council of Sages Lodge to aid humanity in moving easily into the spiritual Paradigm Shift and DNA Pattern accelerations and changes that took place as a result of the shift. Those who work spiritually with the Violet Ray Crystal of the Seventh Ray must be willing to teach others the Wisdom received from this wonderful gift not only from the Light Beings and Masters but from the glorious planet who grew them for us.

The Violet Ray of Seventh Ray Crystal proclaims, "What I teach, you will teach. I am the Leader Crystal who wields and presides over the Violet Ray, that is the Seventh Ray, As such I represent unknown Divine Wisdom First, Freedom Second, Mercy Third, Joy fourth, Peace Fifth, the Healing of the Whole Human Being and healing of all Cosmic Manifestation Sixth and bountiful Abundance in every facet of life is Seventh.



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