A Unique Endless Design!
Sacred Geometry Infused With
Pure Divine White Light

This training will include Meditation, Depth Meditation, Beginning Past Life Exploration and Beginning Interdisciplinary Interpretation. healing techniques, clearing and balancing the emotions, depth concentration, image changing manifests changes in your life, develop your own intuition, be creative, understanding visualization; realities that are not in the here and now, where are they, seek out and find your true guide and much more.

Your Curriculum Matrix

* Innovative and reliable methods.
*Amazing experience and knowledge with low cost.
*Short term and long term psy training.
*Visualization, meditation, depth meditation.
*Group past life regression and past life examination.
*Private past life regression.
*Knowledge to enhance your spiritual success.
*Exploring your spiritual skills.
*Testing your spiritual skills.
*How to use prayers, mantrams and proclaimations

Long Term Benefits

This experience is intended to guide you through an understanding of the underlying pattern, which was established in past incarnations. This pattern reoccurs throughout your current life on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The past will reveal not only the learning opportunity, whether positive or negative but will further reveal the rewards and resources available to help and guide you into transformation into the levels of Divine Wisdom of the Ancients. Through a series of meditations, regressions, exercises, and observation of your own spiritual, physical, intellectual, mental and emotional state and those processes you will become more attuned with the Divine White Light and Quantum levels of beingness. You will view your matrix and the patterns, which you agreed to before entering this physical body. You will then learn to use these carried over assets to transmute any karmic negatives or positives that will allow you to enhance your karmic pattern in the here and now. These can then be used to build a bridge to a happier, successful, illuminated and knowledgeable life filled with contentment for you and for others.

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