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Welcome you have found Web Sage Here you will experience Online or telephone live Clairvoant, Astrolgoical and Psychic Readings by our famous Web Sage, Sage Saber.

Sage brings to you sane advice in an insane world.

What future events will shape and determine your mission, your love, your prosperity, your talent and fulfillment in life? Sage will bring you answers to such questions.

Sage Saber, internationally acclaimed Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Channeler, Remote Viewer, Past Life Analyst offers Past Life Exposition and Exploration, Aromatherapy interfaced with her other multi faceted skills bringing you vast information regarding your self, your mission in this lifetime and more; very possibly providing you with informative guidance that will turn your every goal into sparkeling achievement and success.

Judith Christie, also known as Sage Saber and Gabby, Clairvoyant, and Astrology to the stars. Patterns of energy, Divine White :ight ever regenerate unfolding to paint a portrait of your life. What future events will shape and determine your mission, your love, your prosperity, your talent and fulfillment in life? Sage will bring you answers to such questions.Judith, Sage Saber is an internationally known clairvoyant, psychic astrologer, channeler, teacher, writer and lecturer with over 48 years experience. Her clients are from a wide cross-section of professionals and occupations that include lawyers, doctors, teacher's authors, politicians, editors, owners of corporations, executives and people from all walks of life from around the globe. As a clairvoyant she possesses the remarkable gift of predicting the future as well as a disarming ability to look into each and every heart and soul that she touches.

Judith Sage has been featured in many publications, including American Astrology, Horoscope Magazine, Computer Journal, Internet Surfer, Porthole Magazine, (an international travel magazine), various newspapers in Nevada and California, The Star, Psychic Power, and numerous others. The top investigators of the Parapsychology Foundations also featured her when she participated in the collection of spirit conversations from the other side on both tapes, as well as their telephone conversations.Her book "Kings, Gods and Deities of Egypt" in 1974 was one of the first of its kind in the 20th Century. Other extensive literary work include the paranormal, which are so vast that Sage was declared a scholar at age 30. She is widely known for her teaching work, lectures and seminars upon spiritual subjects. Such included symbols defined, Theosophy, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and The Theosophical Society, Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry discussion groups, Greek Philosophy; taught University Class in Fullerton, California treating Egyptian Gods, Kings and Deities and their symbols; Crystaology; Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine and more. Judith WAs declared White Crane Shaman but Indian Tribeswoman Dorothy MacDonald. Judith Sage has been a featured celebrity at numerous Hotels in Nevada, as well as much other celebrity events in Nevada and California.

Her Seminars and symposiums in the 1970s and 1980s brought attendees from near and far. Her work with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission saved millions of lives in the 1980's, when she was also appointed to Chair a Committee by the California Building and Standards Commission to find a solution for the combustible aluminum branch circuit wiring that was being used in home and was killing, maiming and destroying entire families as well as their homes and possessions.Her work in the 1960's was aligned with Bobby Kennedy when she called for the investigation of BIA Officials i.e., the Palm Springs Indian Guardianships. As a result the frauds were uncovered and those responsible were dismissed and tried. The money and lands were eventually returned to American Indians because of these efforts. Sage was given a major award for excellence in elementary education for her efforts to insure that the education of children be held high, even above political issues of the moment.In the 1970's Judith Sage sought to see legislation passed which protected the elderly from abuse and neglect in Long Term Care Hospitals. Her meaningful work with HEW manifested new state codes and Policies. She further created new and Procedures Manuals, which brought a new protection and respect to patients in these facilities.

Judith Sage is a legend in her own time for her selfless efforts to protect and serve her human family near and far. At this time Judith Sage is not only actively engaged in training and teaching clairvoyance in Internet classes but is further actively engaged in search and find issues with families seeking their missing loved ones. She is further helping families wishing to contact loved ones who crossed over without closure. It would take volumes to reveal all that Sage is however as I leaf through her files, I see hundreds of letters from amazed and satisfied associates, friends, clients and students.

See just a few comments from clients and students below:

I really enjoyed my call with Gabby. She was very positive and had a very friendly way about her. She took time to explain things when I wasn't quite sure about it. Thank you Gabby! I would love to talk to you again. - M.M., Milford

Yesterday I had my fourth reading with Gabby, and all I can say is that she is phenomenal! Gabby can pick up on things without having to be told too many details. I love talking to her. She is caring and kind, and never judgmental. She gives great advice, and it's because she "knows" your situation, or what is going to happen regarding your situation. Thanks Gabby, for not only being an awesome psychic, but for being a wonderful friend! - F.C., El Cajon

Wow, what a great reading! How talented and wonderful Gabby is! - D.K., Concord Township

Thank you so much Gabby for your time, support and wisdom. You are amazing and I absolutely know I can come to you for the truth and for guidance... - T.G., Bremerton

Gabby was wonderful! What a delightful, helpful reading. Thank you! - J.S., Tulsa

Gabby is so kind, warm and caring. She has a natural ability to make everything seem brighter and more positive, no matter how bad things are at that moment. She is very honest and will never utter falsehoods. She is a real blessing and a total joy to talk to. I highly recommend her to all. - M.P., Ottawa

This is the first time I spoke with Gabby. She was connected before I even knew it! What really surprised me, was a comment she made at the beginning of our reading about a person that I hadn't even hinted to her about. She also provided accurate information that she wouldn't have known just by a person's name. If you have any reservations in calling Gabby, put them aside and give her a call before she gets so popular that you'll have to wait days to reach her. - C.G., San Francisco, Ca

Gabby is amazing. She provides in depth readings with warmth, compassion and understanding. She has the ability to cut to the heart of the matter and tell you the things that you need to hear, not necessarily the things you wish to hear. Her years of experience and ability to use her many gifts provide a holistic view of the situation and provides you with information you can use to make a decision. I love having readings with Gabby! - K.S., New York

Easy to talk to, great information. She helps me get through some difficult things and keep a positive outlook on life and what is to come. - J.C., Knox

I had an excellent reading with Gabby yesterday. Her warm and Clairvoyant energy was fantastic. She reads into the future and also was able to give me comfort in a love relationship of the past. She has high energy and didn't need to ask me a lot of questions once we began the discussion. - Anonymous

Gabby was more than amazing! Her integration of past life karma with the intensity of my current situation was extremely helpful and made so much sense. I will continue working with her. - E.G., La Quinta

I truly liked Gabby. I did connect with her. She gave me the validation everyone else has been giving me. She gave me some time frames and am looking forward to calling her back and letting her know. I will be reading with her again, I enjoyed it. - M.K., Dallas

Gabby is really great and straight to the point. A+ - R.R., Arlington

I've read with many psychics on this site and I have to honestly say that Gabby is the most accurate out of all of the psychics that I've read with! I've learned to listen and trust her predictions, because they do come true! I was a skeptic until I was proven wrong by Gabby! When she advises me to sit tight and trust what's going to happen I listen and it happens! It's almost kinda scary! Call Gabby and experience a true connection with a truly blessed, accurate psychic! You will be amazed! - N.S., La Jolla

I have been calling California Psychics for a few years and the last reading I just had was phenomenal. Gabby was right on the money. I was going on a trip to a hostile area and she predicted that there would be a major disaster a few miles from me, which happened the day I landed. She warned me to stay away from a certain area, so I did and an hour later after I arrived it had happened. I look forward to her other predictions coming true. - Anonymous

She was so in tune with me and my situation that it was amazing! She gave me insight, guidance and advice on how to handle my situation, from various different angles. Probably the most amazing and in tune reading I've ever had. I will certainly be calling her back! - S.L., Sheffield

Gabby is so wonderful, kind and compassionate. Her information is accurate and forthright. She has a way of putting me in a better mood even when I am facing some difficult times. I will call her again and would recommend her highly. - J.C., Knox

She was wonderful! I'm hoping what she said comes true and in my heart I know it will. She told me things I didn't want to hear, but she was right on the money. I will call her again. If you want truth, you will not be wasting money. She is quick and to the point. Thanks again. - C.J., Catonsville Absolutely fantastic! Gabby provided me with information that happened exactly as she said it would. She provided me with accurate information and did not ask a lot of questions, just gave information. I will definitely call her again and again. - J.C., Knox

Hello Gabby,

We hope that this email finds you well. One of our customers shared some positive feedback with Customer Service and we just want to pass it on to you. We hope that this positive praise brightens up your day.

"I just want to let you know how kind and sweet Gabby has been with me. I've been going through a very difficult time and Gabby has been amazing in not trashing my soul or making me feel like I'm a fool for what I'm going through right now. She's incredibly understanding and patient. If it's possible to forward her my message, I would love for you to do that so she knows how much I sincerely appreciate her insight and guidance that she shares with me to keep me on the right path. Thank you, California Psychics!" Thanks for your dedication to the line.:-)

Dear Friends,

My heart skipped a beat! I couldn't believe my eyes! Finally, after nine exhaustive years of having Psychic Readings and digging for the best I stumbled on the 'holy grail' of Psychics that I had been seeking quietly working at sagescrown.com. I couldn't believe it. I just stared at my computer screen for a full five minutes as Sage began to speak of what had happened to me in my past, what was happening to me right now and what will happen to me in the future. I double-checked all that she had told me.

Yes...yes...Sage was correct! I'd been trying to find someone like her ever since I first heard the word psychic. I can't remember exactly where or how I even heard it. But once I did, I knew I had to find the one that was the best and discover the forgotten secrets buried inside of me in this life and other lifetimes. It didn't matter to me what the price of this of the reading was but what a surprise it was very low by comparison to some of the other Psychic Readings that I have had, which were worthless.

What's her name? It is Sage Saber. Where can you find her? You can find her at sagescrown.com.
I was amazed to discover that Sage actually offered discount coupons for most of her readings.

I don't care how many readings that you have had. You have not had a real Psychic Reading until you have experienced a reading with Sage Saber.Her exploration of you is astounding and will stagger your imagination.

If you do not believe me just visit because when I did immediately I knew that I had found the best.


Charlene Lessard
Lee, New Hampshire

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