A Unique Amazing View
an in depth portrait of you, your mission
and purpose in life.

This reading will include Meditation, Beginning Past Life Exploration. healing technique if necessary, clearing and balancing your emotions, depth concentration, image changing manifests changes in your life, suggestions on how to develop your own intuition, understanding your dreams and visualization; realities that are not in the here and now, where are they, identifying your Angel and Spirit Guide.

Your Guidance With Sage

* Innovative and reliable methods.
*Amazing experience and knowledge.
**Past Life Readings.
*Private past life regression.
*Self Knowledge and guidance to enhance your spiritual success.
*Exploring your spiritual skills.
*Sage brings you,guidance Clairvoyantly, Psychicly,Past Life Analysis, Aromatherapy
*Real Time Viewer, Channeler; Aiding you, with prayers, mantrams and proclamations

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Available Minute Packages for Readings with Sage.

60 Minute Readng $175.00
300 minutes $600.00
600 minutes $1100.00
1000 minutes $1900.00
Mentoring and advice readings without minute counts $3000.00 monthly.

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