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For thousands of years the Chinese have applied the philosophy and practical application of Feng Shui which is pronounced fong shway to create a prosperous and uplifting energy flow within their environment. Translated Feng Shui means Wind and Water or the harmony in nature of all that lives. Feng Shui utilizes the subtle flow of universal life energy to enhance our lives; it is the ancient art of placement of the wind and water.

With the use of Feng Shui the enhancements of the flow of energy is are applied to create activity, prosperity and harmony in every area of your life and business.

By applying the correct pressure or opening the way, one may improve the Chi, which is the positive energy within the home or business. This Chi is either open and flowing or blocked by your location. Feng Shui can improve multiple areas of our every day lives. It is being used in numberless businesses to enhance the flow of energy. Large corporations including the Wall Street Journal, The Chase Bank, Morgan Bank, The Hong Kong Bank and the Shanghai Bank where it has been used to improve their business and harmonics and balance within the business community.
The Pa Kua is one of the simplest methods used to diagnose the Feng Shui of any given location. The Pa Kua is an octagon map, which contains he symbols of the I Ching the ancient oracle upon which Feng Shui is based. These symbols relate to every facet and aspect of life. They are divided into categories; fame, relationships or marriage, children or creativity, helpful people or travel, career, inner knowledge, family or ancestors, health and wealth. A Pa Kua Map is placed over the property, the structure, the house or building or even desks to reveal where there may possibly be negative or missing spaces. Thus a correlation to the places where enhancement needs to be added to the life or the environment is easily seen. If the Pa Kua Map is placed over the a house plan and the bathroom, laundry room, or the kitchen is in the wealth area then it might be ascertained that the money coming into the particular house or business might disappear very quickly, as if being washed down the drain.

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