Arc of Light Network ~ A Quantum Leap In Psy Training!
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The 21st Century Ark,
The Ark of Light

I hear all to often that elders of certain global networks and or groups, and tribes are drawing attention to astrological influence or other what is thought to be unusual phenomena in the heavens. There are those who go so far as to speak of the energy lines, holes and grids and how this imbalance will affect the earth and the future of humanity, whether it will survive the coming catastrophe which is being loosely predicted.

We also hear that whatever negativity takes place upon the Earth also takes place upon the sun which is said to be throwing solar flares from specific locations on the sun. These eruptions are said to be the reason for extreme weather changes, elevations and drops in temperatures. Do these not know the interesting facts; that there are historical accounts of such weather and earth changes as part of the the Earth's own sluffing off of its own outer vibratory skins during cycles of Earth's regeneration?

It appears that just any old religous prediction or prophecy of a catastrophic end to world can find a home in todays books of doom prophets. Such of course is nothing new, these doom and gloom predators have been present in all societies in all times and all centuries.

We are hearing that the sun is out of alignment. I am here to tell you that there is no factual basis for this assumption. This misalignment of the sun is claimed to be directly connected with prophecies from more than one national and global group. Many go on to give specific astrological indicators to support such prediction of the sun being angry with humanity while linking this to the Grand Cross in the heavens. Oh, where are those amazing teachers of astrology who do not teach that a Grand Cross in the heavens does not forsooth the end of the world? Where are those astrologers and others who 'know' that the potent energy of a Grand Cross in the heavens can be magically channeled or directed downward into the Grand Trine of both nations and individuals to bring to us the best of both worlds the spiritual and the physical? This is the greatest, grandest, the most enlightening lesson of learning in regard to a Grand Cross in the heavens or an Astrological Chart!
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